Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) Apparatus



micpMICP equipment is capable of injecting mercury (non-wetting phase) in step-by-step pressure increments up to 60,000 psi (~413MPa) into an evacuated and cleaned/dried core plug or cut sample.

The apparatus can determine the capillary pressure vs. saturation relationship. The volume of mercury which has entered the pores at each pressure is measured, and the proportion of the pore space filled can be calculated. This procedure is continued until the core sample is filled with mercury or the injection pressure reach to some pre-determined value. These data gives the drainage curve. Further readings can be taken as the pressure is lowered to provide data for the imbibition case.

Furthermore, the pore size distribution cab be calculated from the capillary pressure curve.

There are some benefits of using this apparatus:



Technical Specifications

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