Capillary Pressure and Resistivity System (CAPRI)

The CAPRI apparatus is an advanced system for measuring the capillary pressure and electrical properties of a core sample at reservoir condition. Formation resistivity factor (FRF), cementation exponent (m), resistivity index (RI), tortuosity factor (a), saturation exponent (n), and brine resistivity (Rw) can be measured using this apparatus. These parameters are basic parameters for the evaluation of fluids saturation and hydrocarbon reserve from resistivity well logs; whatever the type pf reservoir. Also, capillary pressure curves are essential factors in simulation studies in oil and gas recovery processes.

The instrument consists of a high pressure pump, a core holder equipped with hydrophobic and hydrophilic ceramics, a resistivity cell, an electrodes pattern and a data acquisition system. The whole is placed in a temperature controlled oven.

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