Industrial Core Flooding Apparatus


A core flooding system is a system that flows a fluid (liquid or gas) through a core sample at controlled conditions, and measures flow parameters. This apparatus has a very high accuracy, and is suitable for the tests where the exact determination of parameters is desired. It can also be used for working on various tests including water flooding, gas flooding, polymer flooding, ASP injection, WAG, SWAG, ...

The core flood system enables to perform:

  • Liquid permeability measurement
  • Unsteady state 2-phase relative permeability
  • Fluid distribution in multi-layered reservoirs
  • Formation damage tests
  • Stimulation studies

Tests can be conducted using reservoir or outcrop core material at specified temperatures and pressures.

The unique design of the system allows an easy access to all components.

In order to find out about various models of "Industrial Core Flooding Apparatus", contact us with the subject of "Industrial Core Flooding Apparatus" models".

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