Mobile Recombination Cell


The mobile recombination cell apparatus is based on a high pressure, high temperature recombination cell in which oil and gas solutions are injected at pre-defined volume, stirred Recombination-cell together and pressurized at pressure above the saturation pressure for few hours to give a homogenous mixture of the reservoir fluid. The instrument comes with a motorized rocking system and a driver. With this driver, the changing in motor rotary speed is available.

The following features can be added to the apparatus upon your request:
  • Recombination cell jacketed with a heating mantle for temperature control.
  • A mixing ball in the sample chamber of the cell for proper agitation of the heavy oil samples.
  • A temperature and pressure display panel.

In order to find out about various models of micro-pump, contact us with the subject of "micro-pumps models".

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