Industrial Porosity and permeability Measurement Apparatus

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 This apparatus is constructed to measure permeability of plug sized samples and accurate value of effective porosity for plug sized rock sample using Boyle's Law. The permeability measurement section of device uses precision mass flow meters and pressure transducers to bring steady-state gas flow measurements to a new level of sophistication, and is operational in oil and gas industries and educational studies. The instrument is designed for the injection of gas through the test sample at various conditions of pressure and flow rates. The gas permeability can be directly measured, then the liquid permeability can be calculated using Klinkenberg permeability versus reciprocal mean pressure.

In porosity measurement section The core sample is placed in a full diameter stainless steel matrix cup. Each sample matrix cup is supplied with stainless steel calibration check plugs. When running a test, the helium gas is filled with the reference volume at a constant pressure and then expands into the sample cell. A data acquisition system is mounted on the device in order to performs calibration, data logging and parameter calculation.

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