Formation Damage and Core Flood Apparatus

Formation Damage Apparatus1The Formation Damage and Core Flood apparatus were designed in order to be used for both purposes. The system includes oven, pumps, vacuum pump, mud pump, valves, core holder, accumulators, back pressure regulator, transducers and data logger which are mounted on specific chassis.
The mud pump placed in this apparatus allows for mud fluid flowing across the face of the core sample. The pump includes a chamber with two gears rotating together. The pump automatically circulates the mud fluid in a closed-system (loop) comprising three valves and a 3/8 in tubing coil in order to increase the heated mud volume.
The Formation Damage and Core Flood System enables to perform these experiments:

  • Formation damage
  • liquid permeability measurement
  • Unsteady state 2-phase relative permeability
  • EOR processes such as water flooding, gas flooding and etc.





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